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Harry Potter Christmas Ornament Collecting

Collecting Harry Potter Christmas Ornaments

Harry Potter Christmas Ornament CollectingCollecting Harry Potter Christmas ornaments is a fun and exciting way to add to your holiday decorations. With all the different Harry Potter movies you can collect ornaments for each movie and the characters from the movies.

Harry Potter Christmas are not only great for collecting but they also make the perfect Christmas gift for the Harry Potter movie fan. Find all the best Harry Potter Christmas ornaments below as well as some hard to find ornaments from the Harry Potter Movies.

Great Gifts for Christmas

Whenever you are stuck for Christmas gift ideas, it is a good idea to look at people’s hobbies and interests, and then you can match the perfect gift to them. Harry Potter is unusual in that this character appeals to old and young alike, and you are just as likely to find an adult reading one of the books or watching one of the movies as a child.

This means Harry Potter ornaments have a wide audience because they are not only for kids and not only for adults either. There are Harry Potter Christmas ornaments for every taste and budget, so have a look at some different ones and see what catches your eye.

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Hallmark Keepsake Ornament 2015 Harry Potter Platform 9 3/4

Hallmark Keepsake Ornament 2015 Harry Potter Platform 9 3/4If you’re a Harry Potter fan and who isn’t. Then one of the most memorable scenes from the movies and out of the books is Harry trying to find platform 9 and 3/4. We all remember the porter’s response as to Harry trying to be smart (wise guy this side of the pond) and him being lead to the only one on the platform seeming to know where he wanted to go was. This is the first meeting between Ron and Harry and would begin a friendship that would last through thick and thin while they went through their various adventures at Hogwarts together. This ornament captures the feel of that memorable moment in Harry Potter history in a keepsake that will serve you well for many a Christmas to come. You can have a piece of this moment forever adorn your seasonal tree.
Hallmark Keepsake Ornament 2015 Harry Potter Platform 9 3/4Hallmark Keepsake Ornament 2015 Harry Potter Platform 9 3/4


Harry Potter – The Potions Master- Hallmark Ornament

Harry Potter - The Potions Master- Hallmark OrnamentThis is a beautiful Harry Potter ornament, and it is ideal for Harry Potter fans of all ages everywhere. Have you seen the first Harry Potter movie? If so, you will know that Professor Snape told Harry to make a boil treatment mixture, which included horrible ingredients like crushed snake fangs, dried nettles, porcupine quills and horned slugs. Another student forgets one of the ingredients and his cauldron melts. Harry is blamed instead of the other student and wonders why Snape is so keen to point the finger at him. This ornament is based on that scene. If you attach the clip to a lamp socket on a little light string it will light up. You do not need a separate connector cord. This ornament comes boxed with instructions.

Harry Potter – The Potions Master- Hallmark OrnamentHarry Potter - The Potions Master- Hallmark Ornament


How to Showcase Harry Potter Ornaments

Hanging Harry Potter ornaments look beautiful on any Christmas tree, but not many people will want to cover the entire tree in Harry Potter ornaments, so you might be wondering what else to use. If you like to color coordinate your Christmas decorations, look at the colors used in the Harry Potter ornaments and pick out some other decorations in those colors so they look like part of one large set. Choose a few hard balls, a few soft hanging decorations, some tinsel or lights perhaps, and maybe get the kids to make some decorations too, so they can add their special touch.

Something else you could do is consider is picking out a character from the books and theming your tree around those. For example, owls are prevalent in all the Harry Potter books, since they are pets of the wizards and they bring any mail or packages. You can get soft owls with feathers on, hard ones made from china, plastic or metal, realistic ones, funny ones, and so much more. Owls might not be Christmas themed exactly, but neither is Harry Potter, so you can fuse Christmas with your favorite books by decorating the tree Harry Potter style.

Perhaps you like the Harry Potter pewter ornament further down this page, in which case you might like to add some more pewter colored decorations to the tree. Pewter is a very heavy metal and anything too large is going to make the tree branches sag. You can get realistic looking pewter ornaments which are not really made from pewter, so any of those would be good to mix and match. If your ornaments are not designed for hanging on the tree, then you can put them around the room to add a festive, fun look. Perhaps ‘The Final Battle’ is an ornament you would like to have, or you could add ‘Hogwarts Castle’ to your Christmas model train set display, to add some fantasy appeal.

A Classic Look for the Tree

Not everybody wants to have their whole tree decorated in this style, so if you prefer a more classic look, a few Harry Potter ornaments would add an elegant appeal to the tree if you select high quality ones and nothing too bright or flashy. Consider the 5-piece set of metal Harry Potter ornaments. Not only are these beautiful tree decorations but they are ideal for collectors too. The metal means they will last for many years, and you can pass them on to your children and grandchildren. Harry Potter has worldwide fame and it will be popular for many, many years, so not only are Harry Potter ornaments fun, but they are also a great investment and something that will bring joy to the family for many years to come.


The Best Selling Harry Potter Christmas Ornament

Hogwarts Tree Ornament Set

Harry Potter's Hogwarts Tree OrnamentThis set of 5 ornaments is made from metal and they are a real collector’s item. Each one represents one of the houses at Hogwart’s school. The box they come in is pretty, like a jewelry box, and what is inside will really impress you. You can display them in the box through the year, since they are too pretty to come out for Christmas and then be hidden away again. These Harry Potter ornaments are well made and very finely detailed, with an image on both sides. If you want your Christmas tree ornaments to look expensive rather than tacky, these beautifully made Harry Potter Christmas ornaments are ideal. They are heavier than typical baubles so you will need to hang them on larger branches rather than smaller ones.

Harry Potter’s Hogwarts Tree OrnamentHarry Potter's Hogwarts Tree Ornament


The Top Rated Harry Potter Christmas Ornaments

“Hagrid and Norbert the Dragon”

Hagrid and Norbert the DragonThis pewter ornament is highly collectible. It comes in a box which is shaped like an open-out book, along with binding and ribbon. The ornament is 3" by 3 inches in size and it is pretty heavy because it is made from pewter. This Harry Potter keepsake will appeal to any fans of JK Rowling’s best-selling books and the characters are instantly recognizable. This is a nice gift for someone who collects pewter ornaments and also knows Harry Potter. If you are buying for a child you might prefer a toy with moving parts, since this one is for display or collecting only, but that is perfect for an adult who enjoys the Harry Potter stories.

Hallmark Harry Potter Handcrafted Pewter Christmas Ornament: “Hagrid and Norbert the Dragon”Hagrid and Norbert the Dragon


Hallmark 2012 Keepsake Ornaments QXI2864 The Final Battle ~ Harry Potter

Hallmark 2012 Keepsake Ornaments QXI2864 The Final Battle ~ Harry PotterAnyone who loves Harry Potter and who enjoys the Harry Potter series of books will love Harry Potter themed Christmas ornaments. This one in particular is well worth getting. It captures the excitement in Harry’s last battle against Lord Voldemort. This is one of the classic moments in the whole Harry Potter series, and every Harry Potter reader knows about the continuing struggle between good and evil, or between Harry himself and the Dark Lord. This lovely ornament is well made and should last for many years. There are a lot of ornaments to choose from if you are looking for themed ornaments then it is also a good idea to pick quality items, because they will not fall apart or break.

Hallmark 2012 Keepsake Ornaments QXI2864 The Final Battle ~ Harry PotterHallmark 2012 Keepsake Ornaments QXI2864 The Final Battle ~ Harry Potter


“Harry Potter Trailers (All Eight)” Video Fun

Watch this video of the “Harry Potter Trailers (All Eight)”


Hallmark 2013 “Hogwart’s Castle” Harry Potter Ornament

Hallmark 2013 This Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle ornament is not only beautiful but it plays music too, adding to its charm and mystique. This is ideal for any Harry Potter fan, and it is sure to make everyone smile. If you like to have ornaments around your tree or around the room, this is a worthy addition, and you can mix and match a variety of Hallmark Harry Potter ornaments or simply display this by itself. Another idea is to add this piece and perhaps a few others to your Christmas model train set running around the tree, as part of the landscape. You can get as creative as you like with the placement, and you will also love the workmanship and quality of this particular piece.

Hallmark 2013 “Hogwart’s Castle” Harry Potter OrnamentHallmark 2013


Why We All Love Harry Potter

The Harry Potter books were designed with kids in mind, but grownups everywhere adore the series, and they have been translated into so many different languages. It seems that Harry Potter appeals to all races, nationalities, genders, ages, and personalities, and is enjoyed in both the book and movie versions. The series offers excitement, magic, a fantasy world and complete escapism. The books are written to keep you hooked and make you want to read on and on. If you want to encourage the kids to read more, try Harry Potter because they will not want to put the book down. These books have a similar effect on adults as well.

The stories are based on the old ‘good versus evil’ storyline, with good overcoming evil in the end, but there is so much more to them that just that. You will get to know and love the Harry Potter character, and be fascinated by not only his friendship, relationships and the fascinating story of his family, but you will also enjoy the darker side of the books featuring all kinds of monsters and evil characters. Each new book sees a slightly older Harry, and although each book offers brand new happenings and adventures, the good triumphing over evil is the goal of each one.

Harry Potter is someone everyone admires because even though he has had a very rough start to life, he is a good, honest person, and he is also brave. Harry treats his friends very well, and also has a sense of humor. These are all traits people like to identify with, so you will find yourself supporting Harry on his missions and adventures, and hoping no harm comes to him. Kids are usually not keen on reading about anyone younger than themselves, so they also enjoy the fact that Harry ages throughout the books and becomes more mature. If your kids are too young to tackle a whole book, why not read a chapter or two each night to them, as a bedtime story?

 An Educational Read

Reading Harry Potter is educational for the kids, first because it is reading and any suitable reading is good where kids are concerned, to help develop their skills, but it also opens up their imaginations to these magical and mystical realms, and that is very important for kids. They can discover reading does not have to be a chore, or something they are forced to do at school, but it can also be a wonderful way of entertaining themselves. One word of advice though – make sure they read the book before watching the movie, else they will say they know how the story ends and do not need to read the book!


2011 Hallmark Ornament Harry Potter Fleeing The Fiendfyre

2011 Hallmark Ornament Harry Potter Fleeing The FiendfyreThis 4½ inch high ornament has a blue ribbon attached, so you may hang it from your Christmas tree. The ornament shows a scene which you or the kids might remember from one of the Harry Potter books, and that is Harry fleeing from the Fiendfyre. This ornament is very colorful. It is very cute and features 3 of the main Harry Potter characters. Being neither too large nor too small, this should fit in nicely with your other tree decorations, making it a wonderful addition to any Christmas tree. You do not need to have kids at home to get the most out of this either, since Harry Potter stories are just as magical to adults and they are to kids.

2011 Hallmark Ornament Harry Potter Fleeing The Fiendfyre – QXI24272011 Hallmark Ornament Harry Potter Fleeing The Fiendfyre


Harry Potter Christmas Ornaments

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