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My name is Christine and I have invested my time in writing hundreds of product reviews. Not only do I believe that reviews are crucial to consumers who want to make the best choices, but I also know that great products speak for themselves. You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars to buy a good product, and in fact some expensive choices are overpriced.

But shopping online is not the same as being in a store where you can examine the product closely and check it does what it is supposed to. Shopping online is a blind transaction, which is why so many consumers demand reviews these days. How else will you know if you are buying something worthwhile or not, or whether the item description is accurate or misleading?

Honestly and accurately comparing products is something I take pride in and something I am good at, which is why I am delighted to share my product reviews with you. Whatever you are thinking about buying, it is highly recommended to read reviews before parting with your money, to ensure you know the pros and cons of the product in question, and to discover whether or not it is good value for money and whether you will be pleased with it.

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Welcome to Christine’s Product Reviews

What Product Reviews Will Tell You

Product reviews tell you various things about a product, including how well it performs, whether it is good value for money, whether there is a similar product which is perhaps better, all the features of the product, and anything which is not so good about it. This is why it pays to check product feedback before buying something, so you can find out more about it before handing over your money.

It is easy for anyone to put their opinions online these days, which is a good thing because if something is really poor value then you will be able to find lots of information online from unsatisfied customers. If a product is highly rated, then you should be able to find plenty of positive feedback. Sometimes you will find mixed reviews, and this could be because the product in question appeals to a certain type of consumer. If that is the case, you will need to decide for yourself, based on the reviews, whether the product is something for you or whether to choose an alternative.

Get the Best Gift Ideas

Product reviews are also handy if you are considering a gift but not sure what to buy, since you can find inspiration and ideas, also finding out much more about them at the same time. You have nothing to lose by reading product descriptions before investing in a new item, but you do have everything to gain, since you will be able to find out everything you need to know before buying, and that is incredibly useful.

My Favorite Products

Although everyone has their favorite products, that is not what drove me to creating this blog. Rather I wanted to share my finds with you because I believe great products should be recognized and we all deserve a bargain now and then. However, I would say my favorite products are those which are both essential and a good buy. There are some things we have to buy and others which are luxuries. Any mom will tell you there is a whole array of things that kids need, such as school backpacks, clothing, child seats and more, and since those items are essential rather than optional, we are all going to have to buy them at some point. This is why I make it a point to research these products in detail and find out which are the highest rated, which are a bargain and where you can get the best deals.

Quality and Safety First

Also, when it comes to kids, safety is hugely important, which is why the top brands often come out the best. You might save yourself $5 buying something else but who can put a price on safety? A car seat needs to keep your child safe, as does a stair-gate or rocking cradle, so always plenty before buying such an item, and then you can be happy knowing your little one will be safe using it.


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How to Use a Consumer Product Review

Before product reviews became so mainstream, all you could get were hand-picked testimonials provided by the product retailer, and real feedback on these items only appeared in specialty publications or from the mouth of one of your contacts or friends who had actually used the product in question. The internet has changed all this and these days it is easy to find critiques on pretty much anything. So what is the best way to use these reviews in order to make a good purchase?

Choose the Product then Check the Review

First, it is important to work out what you are thinking of buying. We have all decided we needed one thing and bought something else instead. Perhaps you thought you wanted a basic point-and-shoot camera and then got sidetracked by all the great write-ups on a professional SLR camera and ended up with that instead. It is easy to get carried away, so plan what you are interested in (and your budget) before you begin reading about it.

Be honest about your needs and budget and then you can read the right information. Also, check out the features list in the reviews. If there is a feature you especially like, see whether the piece mentions it. A review should not seduce you into buying something you do not really want, but it should confirm in your mind whether or not you are going to buy the item, and whether it would be a smart purchase. In the race to embrace new technology, a lot of people forget that ‘tried and true’ is often better, so use this kind of feedback to discover whether the newest technology is not only right for you, but whether the newer item’s higher price is worth paying.


I’d Like to Share a Few of Our Top Rated Product Reviews with You

Finding the Best Skincare Products – Everyone has different skin needs and wants their skin to be healthy and look radiant. There are so many skincare products out there and it can be confusing trying to figure out which are good, so reading reviews can be really useful, and help you identify the best creams and lotions to choose. No one knows this better than teens. The teenage years are a difficult time as it is even without skin issues and there is no other time in our lives like this that we face a barrage of skin issues and it is also a time when we are also very self conscious and it seems even the smallest of blemishes is like a giant spotlight on your face so finding the products that deliver results is a must in any teens mind.

Teenage Girls’ Backpacks – What does a teenage girl carry her schoolbooks around in these days? That’s right – a backpack. Gone are the days when everyone had a brown leather satchel or worst just put them under your arm and lug a stack of clumsy books and stuff from room to room in school. Modern backpacks for teenage girls are stylish, roomy and comfortable. But which are made to last? Check out our backpack reviews to find the best buy. There are different styles and configurations to backpacks and not every design is right for every person. Also most teenage girls are very style conscious and a backpack is as much a fashion statement to many as a purse is so having the one that is just right is a major deal as I am sure as the parent of a teen girl you are aware. So what I have done is dug through the reviews to find ones that are not only made well but have that perfect style for your daughter.

Halloween in the Office – Do not limit Halloween to the little ones. Make it fun for all the family! If your workplace is happy for you to celebrate Halloween, you will want to get a great costume for this special day. We have plenty of great Halloween costume ideas for office workers which are sure to wow your colleagues on this great holiday.

The office presents a whole set of Halloween factors that just going out to a random Halloween party don’t it needs to be tasteful (no one wants something in appropriate to get past around the water fountain the next day), it also has to be functional as your boss isn’t going to like it if you can’t do your job because of a Halloween outfit. Also you don’t want an outfit that is going to send the wrong message to co-workers and make them think the outfit says something about you they didn’t think they knew. With all that in mind though there are plenty of things you can have fun at work with on the Halloween holiday and it is as much fun as an adult as it is as a kid.


Harley Davidson Cases for iPhone 4 – An iPhone needs a case in order to protect it, and what better theme could you choose than Harley Davidson? This iconic brand has been wowing motorcycle fanatics for years, and you can get these cases in all kinds of styles, so there is something for everyone. Harley Davidson products make great gifts too for any fan of this iconic brand.

Whether you drive one or just wish you did no brand of vehicle has quite the loyal brand following like the motorcycle that made Milwaukee famous. Now some might say that was supposed to be beer but I would venture a guess that this American motorcycle legend has made a lasting mark on the map as much as the famous beverage from this Heartland legend. iPhones are as much a part of the American landscape these days as the bike with the sound that made it a distinct impression in anyone’s mind that has every heard one. You can pick that sound out in traffic as to what it is more than any other vehicle on the road.

Kindle Fire – Not only can you read books on a Kindle but you can use it for game-playing, web-browsing, and so much more. If you are curious about the Kindle Fire series and you want to find out more about the features, as well as any pros or cons, this review will lay the Kindle Fire bare and answer all your questions.

Unlike many of the reviews I do this is one I can speak directly on as a reviewer of and user of the kindle myself for testing mobile aspects of all my sites. When it came time to buy a tablet a must for any modern webmaster to know what is going on their sites in the mobile world, I decided on the Kindle for a multitude of reasons from performance, support, and price it just in my mind kicks Apple butt. I know those are fighting words as Apple has some of the most militant users out there but I admit it I am a geek and proud of it, and the things inside are just more of everything that maters in any computer system. See my full review for more.   
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5 Reasons to Buy from our Product Reviews

1. Our Reviews are Independent

We are not selling on behalf of another company, nor are we affiliated with any company making the products. We aren’t trying to disguise something bad in order to sell it. If a product is poor then we will suggest an alternative.

2. They are Honest Too

What is the point of dishonest feedback? I have used plenty of reviews to make good choices and in turn I am happy to write my own to help other consumers. Mine are based on products I own, have used, have tested or have studied in depth. You can believe what you read here.

3. Let Us Do the Hard Work

My team of researchers and I are happy to dig up all the useful information on products in the marketplace, discover the best prices (which usually seem to be on Amazon or eBay) and find out if they live up to expectations and seem like a smart purchase.

4. Find Great Gift Ideas

It can be hard to find a perfect gift, which is why lots of our reviews are items which might suit other people. Perhaps you are shopping for your husband or mother and you cannot think of anything to get. Have a look through some of our reviews and see what inspires you. Alternatively why not buy a nice gift for yourself!

5. We All Want the Same Thing

Everyone wants to find great bargains, items at fair prices which will do what we expect them to do. Consumers have more choice these days than ever before and it can be tough sorting good buys from bad ones, which is why our honest, independent feedback serves as a guide to help you choose the best.


Everyone Uses Reviews Differently

Although not everything we read online can be taken at face value, reviews tend to be a lot more useful than what you read on the manufacturer’s or retailer’s website, because they are impartial. Mine will point out the bad points as well as the good ones, because that is what reviewing is all about. If I am writing about a nail polish set, then I might say the color and consistency are great but it chips after a few days.

That is useful to know, of course. If you tend to change your nail polish every couple of days then the chipping should not be an issue. If you are specifically looking for a long-lasting polish though, this information is very important to know. Perhaps you are shopping for a new point-and-shoot camera.

A review might say the camera has a low price and is reliable, but has no viewfinder so you have to look at the display on the screen instead. This might be a deal-breaker for some consumers but no problem for others. If you live somewhere sunny then you will find it hard to see the image on the display screen. If you take most of your pictures indoors or do not live somewhere which is sunny all the time, it will not make much difference. When reading reviews, it is important to tailor them to your own needs, so you can get the most out of them.

We Share Product Review with You

Just because a missing feature might put some buyers off, if it is not a feature you yourself need, then it will not make any difference to you. No two shoppers want or need exactly the same features, which is why there are lots of different products in the marketplace to choose from. Use reviews however they are most useful to you. If you just want a checklist of features, you can find that easily enough on an independent review. If you are looking for the best price, why not check our honest review rather than the retailer’s website. If you want to scroll down one page and view different product styles and prices, you can do that too. Reviews are free to read, and you can learn all about your chosen item just by reading them.

Reviews Lead to Better Products

Feedback is not only for consumers, it is also handy for manufacturers and retailers. Although a review is handy for a purchaser to see what pros, cons and features an item offers, it is also useful for manufacturers because they can learn from this feedback too. If most reviews about a product claim that one of the features does not work properly, for example, they can work on the feature in question, in the hope of more positive feedback coming soon.

Poor reviews put customers off buying. Every manufacturer wants loyal customers and if they provide a poor quality product they cannot hope the defects do not come to light. This is why honest feedback is so great. It will force manufacturers to supply value-for-money products which are going to perform the functions they claim to perform. If these items do not work properly or are not very good, thanks to the internet the whole world is going to know about it soon enough!

Hot Reviews

The hottest reviews often tend to be for electronics, since everyone buys these and they are easy to review. Does the machine perform the tasks it is supposed to perform, and what features does it offer? It is also useful to know whether the machine is noisy or quiet, how long the warranty lasts for, how much space it occupies, and other facts about the item. Also, there are new electronic devices appearing on the market all the time, and people love to write about their own experiences with these products. Something else you can find plenty of reviews on has to be skincare and beauty, but you need to know a few things before reading these. For example, everyone has slightly different skin, coloring and preferences, so just because one person says a shampoo smells ‘bad’ does not mean you will not like it. Just because one person says a skin cream made her break out does not mean you will.

All the Data in One Place

Because opinions vary widely, and an identical product can get a 1/10 from one reviewer and 10/10 from another, we take reviews from various sources and put them all together, giving you the overall data instead of just one person’s point of view. This is far more informative and useful for you. For example, if we research a jacket and discover that half the reviews claim it is really warm and comfortable and half claim it is too thin and uncomfortably tight, we will say just that so, with our

Product Reviews, instead of getting half the story you are getting all the story, and you can make a well-informed choice about whether to purchase that jacket or whether to keep on looking. We like to keep on top of current trends too, so if there is something new on the market we love to review it. Everyone enjoys having new phones, tablets and other devices, but not many people invest in these without reading at least one review. Whether you are shopping for clothes, gadgets, electronics, kids’ accessories or something else, we hope our product reviews will be helpful to you and assist you in making a smart purchase.

Tips for Getting the Most from Reviews

Whenever a new product is launched, you can expect feedback to appear shortly afterwards, as people begin to try out the new item. There are reviews of pretty much everything, and it has never been easier to find honest, unbiased information about such items online. If you are shopping for something in particular, you will often find the newer items first, and this can be both a blessing and a curse.

Perhaps you did not know there was a new version out, in which case it might interest you to read about it and find out how it differs from the version you had in mind. On the other hand, you might be sidetracked into buying something which is more expensive and has more features than what you first had in mind.

More features can add to the appeal of an item but they will also push the price up. If you are shopping for an audio baby monitor, you might discover some reviews of video baby monitors. But do you want a video baby monitor or simply an audio one? A video monitor is going to be more expensive but it means you can view your child as well as listen in.

This might be an attractive feature to some parents but for others it is not worth the extra expense, or they would prefer to spend the extra money on another item such as a rocking cradle or a baby seat for the car. For this reason, decide on your budget and requirements before you start reading reviews, unless you are shopping for a gift, in which case the reviews can provide ideas and inspiration instead.

How to Find the Right Information

When looking for reviews, some people look up a broad search term such as ‘tablet’ and this will bring up several million web pages! For this reason, it is usually best to narrow down your search term, so you get the best results. What kind of tablet are you looking for? Try ‘Kindle Fire 10’ or ‘iPad 3’ instead of simply ‘tablet’ and you will get better results and have to spend less time trawling through irrelevant information until you find what you need.

Plenty of Handy Facts

A good review will mention any alternatives. For example, if you are looking at an expensive tablet and reading through the features list, you might think, ‘I don’t need half these features’, so keep reading and the piece should suggest a couple of cheaper options. There is no point in paying extra for features you are not going to use, so a Kindle Fire 10 review should suggest that if you only want to read e-books and not have wifi access, games, email capability and a music library, a basic e-reader will also allow you to read e-books and will cost less.

Our Kindle Fire 10 review suggests alternatives with more features too, such as an iPad, and there are also Kindle accessories to help you get the most out of your Kindle. This means you will be able to see all this information on one page, which will simplify your shopping experience and help you to decide whether or not you wish to purchase a Kindle, compare various models, and find out what the current prices are.

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